There are a number of open-sourced plugins built using the SDK which are listed on the plugins page. The plugin binary can be installed from its corresponding GitHub release. Docker images are available for all plugins as well.

To get the SDK for plugin development, simply

go get github.com/vapor-ware/synse-sdk/sdk


A plugin built with the SDK can take two different types of configuration:

  1. Plugin Configuration: The configuration for the plugin itself, defining how it should behave at runtime.
  2. Device Configuration: The configuration which tells the plugin about the devices that it interfaces with.

For details on how to configure a plugin, see the pages linked above.

Simple Example

An example of a simple plugin that showcases the basics of how to implement a plugin, see the examples/simple_plugin directory.

The examples directory contains other basic example plugins, showcasing different features and different levels of plugin complexity. The emulator plugin is another good reference for plugin implementation and setup.