All contributions to any component of the Synse platform are greatly appreciated! There are numerous ways which you can contribute:

Reporting an Issue

If you find a bug, experience unexpected behavior, or just can't get something working, open an issue on the project's GitHub page. We'll do our best to answer any questions and fix bugs.

Requesting a Feature

If there is missing functionality in a component that you think would be nice to have and improve the project, open a feature request issue on the project's GitHub page. We will discuss and try to roll the feature(s) into the project's development timeline.

Fixing Bugs and Adding Features

If simply reporting a bug or requesting a feature is not enough and you want to get your hands dirty, you can contribute directly to a project's code base. The contributor workflow follows standard practice:

  • Open an issue describing the work (this helps for tracking project development)
  • Fork the repo you wish to work on
  • Add your commits
  • Open a pull request
  • Discuss and review the code