Synse SDK

The Synse SDK is the official SDK (written in Golang) for writing Synse plugins. Synse plugins expose devices to the Synse platform and manage read/write access to those devices. The SDK handles much of the functionality needed for plugins, including:

  • configuration parsing
  • executing device reads
  • executing device writes
  • caching reading data
  • transaction generation and tracking
  • device info caching
  • Synse gRPC API support
  • and more

By implementing the majority of the plugin mechanics, a plugin author can focus on the protocol or device specific code for the plugin. The Synse CLI can also be useful for development and debugging, as it allows you to query the plugin gRPC API directly.

See the Plugins page for a list of some actively maintained Synse plugins. You can also search for the synse-plugin tag on GitHub.