Synse Server is available from DockerHub.

docker pull vaporio/synse-server

Pushes to master build a new :latest tag for the Synse Server image. GitHub tags build new images with the corresponding tag as well. For example, if a new tag v1.2.3 was pushed, the following image tags would be created:

  • vaporio/synse-server:latest
  • vaporio/synse-server:v1
  • vaporio/synse-server:v1.2
  • vaporio/synse-server:v1.2.3


A Helm chart for Synse Server is available from the Synse Charts repository.

You can add the repo to a local helm http web server (helm serve) with

helm repo add synse

The repo can be updated with

helm repo update synse

To see the available helm charts that the Synse Charts repo provides, simply search for 'synse'

$ helm search synse
synse/synse-server  0.1.1           2.2.4       An HTTP API for the monitoring and control of physical an...


Synse Server lives on GitHub, making it easy to get the source. You can either fork/clone the repo, or download a particular release from the project's releases page.