Synse Plugins

This page lists open-sourced Synse plugins developed by Vapor IO and the Synse Community. If you have developed a plugin and would like to share it with the community, let us know by creating a new issue or opening a pull request to add it to this list.



project page: vapor-ware/synse-amt-plugin

The AMT plugin provides basic Intel AMT support for Synse.


project page: vapor-ware/synse-emulator-plugin

The Emulator plugin provides emulated devices with no device back-end dependency (e.g. hardware). This plugin can be used for development, testing, and getting familiar with Synse.


project page: vapor-ware/synse-ipmi-plugin

The IPMI plugin provides general-purpose IPMI support for Synse.


project page: vapor-ware/synse-modbus-ip-plugin

The Modbus-IP plugin provides general-purpose modbus-over-IP support for Synse.


project page: vapor-ware/synse-snmp-plugin

The SNMP plugin provides general-purpose SNMP support for Synse.